Cloud Computing

Cloud computing means many things to different people. While the term cloud has entered the public vernacular, the reality is that most people still find this a confusing area.

Cloud computing pools technology resources and expenses for sharing among a community of users, which makes it efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Tech Precision can help you access your IT needs through the cloud as a secure pay-as-you-go service including email, business applications, computing platforms and network infrastructure. As the recipient of a elastic hosted service, you’ll be able to add new users, storage capacity or services at will, paying only for the capacity you actually use.

Office is working in the Cloud now; your trusted applications always on the latest versions, your work safely in the Cloud to access when and where you want.

We work with our clients to help them use Office 365 technology in ways that empower staff and streamline IT processes. SharePoint Online is a powerful component of Office 365, giving enterprises the ability to create class leading Intranets, Extranets and collaboration solutions. Office 365 provides the power of SharePoint without the need to manage and maintain the application and content. Harnessing the power needs understanding as well as control and governance. Talk to us today to see how we could help.

You already know that your business data is one of the most important assets of your company, an asset that you cannot afford to lose. If your company backs up data only where it is created, i.e. within your office premises, important information could be lost if a disaster strikes. The most effective method to protect your data is to back up to an offsite location,  however, creating a sensible backup solution can be complex and expensive, plus, it needs constant testing to ensure it will deliver in a crisis.

For most organisations a business cloud backup service will meet all your requirements, at a sensible cost.

What is cloud backup?

Cloud backup means to back up data from your workstation or server to an entrust datacentre using your internet connection. Cloud backup is usually chosen as part of a business disaster recovery plan, as the data remains safe should your office be at risk from disasters such as fires, flood or employee theft. Our business cloud backup service leverages cloud computing to create an off-site storage solution with almost no hardware requirements, suitable for an organisation of any size.

How does it work?

Using your high-speed Internet connection, you can choose specific files or the entire contents of a hard drive to back up to our data centre, using the entrust Online Backup Manager (OBM) software. You can choose to have files automatically saved to your online backup on a regular basis by scheduling backups at specific time or your files can be automatically backed up when changes are made.

We provide a management console to access the data and to monitor the health of your backups. The backed up files are encrypted and stored in our data centres. You can download and use the data backup or browse the archived files directly on your computer. You can restore an entire backup or just specific files using the same management console.

Technology keeps evolving and it can be difficult to keep up. Backup Systems can help you solve complex IT problems with simple and flexible solutions. Whether it’s a security threat, cloud data backup issue, lost email, Microsoft migration or virtual machine backup, our team is here to assist.

Backup Systems is one of the UK’s leading backup and disaster recovery companies. We specialise in cost effective, secure onsite and cross-site backups for medium to large businesses.

As a UK based organisation we have over 10 years of experience and a diverse portfolio of multi-national clients from a variety of industries; including the finance, charity, HR, manufacturing and legal sectors.  

Our bespoke backup and disaster recovery solution is designed, and created by us, giving us complete control. We take care of everything from the running, to the checking, to the upgrading of backups.

Backup Systems are not a reseller and as such we are able to provide a cost effective managed backup service without the price tag of many of the big name suppliers. We’ll tailor any disaster recovery and backup solutions to meet the needs of your business in line with how you operate.