Online Data backup

Cloud storage doesn’t always mean your data will be backed up

Be it through a system crash, a nasty virus or even something as simple as accidental file deletion, losing your vital data can be detrimental to the operation of your business. Determining the best backup solution for your company depends on your priorities and requirements. Rest assured that we will work with you to find the ideal online backup system.

So, what is online backup? In its rawest form, this is copying the data from a local IT system to a secure, remote location. This means that, should disaster strike and your data is lost from the local system then you can easily retrieve it and even choose the version you wish to recover. Online backup can either cover your entire IT system or just your files, and the beauty of our online backup services is that your system will be perfectly tailored to your business.

 The appropriate solution will depend on: 

1. Recovery point objective: Put simply, if you lose your data to an accident or a malicious attack, will you require the latest version of your dara possible or would restoring the data to the state in which it was left tat the close of the last working day suffice? This informs how regularly off-site mirrorred backups must be taken.

2. Recovery time objective: Could you wait a day, a couple of hours or would it need to be restored within half an hour? It’s only once these questions have been answered that we can develop the best backup system for you. And, if your answer is, ‘I have a lot files and folders, which I’d need restored to the latest version within two hours, should a complete system failure occur’, then you need a business continuity solution rather than an online backup system.