E-mail solutions

E-Mail Solutions


We can’t do business without it. Email is an essential communications and sharing tool, and it’s vital to keep your email system up and running smoothly and efficiently, 24/7/365. Here’s how we’ll help you maximise the potential of your email systems.

Anti-Malware Email Filtering

Email filtering means processing email messages to organise them according to business-led criteria. It usually involves processing incoming and outgoing messages automatically, and sometimes the editing of messages during the processing process. But it can also mean human intervention and anti-spam software.

Do you want to leave decisions about what is spam and what is safe to your employees? Probably not. You need some form of automated control to ensure the emails that get into your internal system won’t cause havoc or damage your business.

Anti-malware email filtering provides built-in malware and spam filtering to protect inbound and outbound messages from malicious software and your network from email spam. Ideally your administrators won’t need to either set up or maintain the filtering tech, since they’ll be enabled by default, but your people should be able to make company-specific customisations to suit your business model.

Business Email

Professional email accounts come with more features than free email. You can customise the size of your mailbox, monitor your mail, group your mail, share contacts, calendars and tasks and backup / recover deleted emails.

You get more customised storage space and white-label email hosting means you can include your logo on the email account for a professional look and feel. It comes without adverts, unlike free email services, plus guaranteed up-time and 24/7 support. Business email is scalable too, exactly what you need if you’re determined to grow the business, add more users and keep email security under control.

Cloud Email

When you pick a cloud email solution, it replaces your internal email infrastructure. Which means you don’t have to build, scale and maintain them in house. Cloud email is off-site so safe from physical harm, comes with a host of email delivery and reputation features, and the infrastructure is easily scalable. You get real-time customisable analytics and can build essential reports based on timescales, email categories, ISPs and device types. Better still, cloud email comes with dedicated email experts to support you 24/7.

With cloud email you don’t need your own hardware and there’s no software to download either. Cloud email usually comes with a monthly or annual charge, and you get access to your own online server. As long as you can connect with the internet, you can get your cloud email. Even if your office connection goes down. And the best could email services include anti-spam and malware protection, so you don’t have to source, implement and pay for it yourself.

Exchange Email

Microsoft Exchange lets you access your files from anywhere, online and offline, via the cloud. You get a massive Terrabyte of file storage for every user, for bigger and more reliable inboxes, and can tailor Exchange email to suit your business.

You can manage everything, including protection against data loss, from the easy-to-use, web-based admin centre and role-based access means you can easily manage everything and delegate tasks. You can archive big mailboxes and take advantage of retention policies, keep important data in one place, control your own storage and compliance, all via one device.

Email Backup

Email backup is more important than ever, supported by business best practices, industry standards and regulatory compliance. There are some very strict rules about maintaining email data for long periods of time, and there’s ever-growing email storage capacity to deal with. If you run your email on the premises instead of the cloud, you can end up paying a fortune to maintain and upgrade your internal email infrastructure.

What is email backup? It means making a copy of your current email system, used to restore the system or replace a saved copy. Managing everything on your own can be both tricky and costly. If you want large media capacity, low storage cost and high performance it can mean maintaining in-house backups on clunky, old-school magnetic tapes. Your best email backup bet these days is cloud email backup.

Hosted Email

If you want affordable, business-class email with the best spam protection, 100% uptime guarantee and 24/7/365 support, hosted email is probably your best solution. You can say goodbye to spam and viruses with premium anti-spam and anti-virus protection, and some especially good hosted email providers have strict ad-free policies for a truly professional look and feel.

Hosted email also means you can access messages from anywhere with an internet connection, not just from your office. And you can access it on multiple devices, using either Outlook, a smartphone or a webmail app.

Managed Email

Fewer businesses than ever are choosing to maintain business-critical communications infrastructures themselves, no surprise when the admin burden can be overwhelming. Managed email delivers the full suite of secure, fully compliant email communications, perfect for collaboration.

Rising costs, complexity and ever-changing data compliance regulations mean companies are shifting these services to the cloud for the expertise, reliability and scalability they need to grow. Managed email fulfils all the legal and regulatory requirements and provides world-class services to businesses whose data security, availability and regulatory requirements are crucial to survival. If you use email, make it managed email and you’ll have more time to focus on the important things.

Secure Email

Standard internet mail is sent as plain text over open networks, and there’s practically no security. It’s worryingly open, and internet mail poses all sorts of mail security issues. Intruders can easily monitor your mail servers and network traffic, and get hold of confidential information. In short, messages sent over the web can easily be intercepted.

Secure email is essential for business, a safe, secure and efficient alternative to regular email. When you hit the ‘send’ button the information contained in your message is automatically encrypted, and can only be read by the person you send it to. In a business context regular emails, which can be intercepted and read by just about anyone, just don’t hit the mark. More than ever, secure email is essential.